Lisa Plotnick

Editorial Consultant

Editorial Services
Editorial services include:

Copyediting - Basic: Light to medium editing of a manuscript; includes reviewing punctuation and grammar, verifying cross-references in exhibits and text, ensuring stylistic consistency, and flagging ambiguities.

Copyediting - Substantive: Heavy editing of a manuscript; includes basic copyediting, editing for concision, editing for clarity, ensuring bias-free language, identifying and/or eliminating jargon, smoothing transitions, organizing levels and subheads, fact-checking, and suggesting alternate wording when appropriate.

Proofreading: Reviewing a document already in final layout; includes verifying punctuation, grammar, sentence structure, alignment, formatting, and inclusion of exhibits and other supporting material. Often, the document has been edited prior to this stage.

Research and Content Development: Analyzing and synthesizing quantitative and qualitative data into an actionable document for a specified audience. Typically, clients will collect and forward their research; secondary research services are available upon request. (All research is treated as proprietary to the client and will be purged from my files within a week of project completion.)

Search Engine Optimization: Identifying and programming keywords to generate more traffic to your website via organic searches.

Rates are dependent on type of service, scope of project, and other factors. Please contact me for details.
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